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The Matsya P. G. College campus

Life at Matsya P. G. College
The campus combines the beauty of the rural landscape & architectural master piece of Jaipur with all modern urban facilities. The s i l ent , pe a c e ful & t r anqui l atmosphere, totally pollution free eco-friendly environment makes it one of the leading institutes of the city which is amply substantiated by the infrastructural and instructional facilities.
The college strive hard to develop a true sense of liberal tolerance in its students towards all the religious, social and ethnic belief and back ground of every individual without any distinction of caste, colour and creed. We Endeavour to develop a passion for excellence and determination to meet challenges head emphasis on ethical and moral values.

Learning is fun
The unique Mentor-Mentee Concept at Matsya P. G. College ensures a constant interaction between the Faculty and the students. A faculty member is assigned to a group of 5-6 students to counsel them on their academic and personal concerns. Their experience will help you gain the confidence and skills you need to be a corporate success.

At Matsya P. G. College, you will never feel away from home. If you encounter any problem during your tenure concerns about course work or personal / emotional problems. The Matsya P. G. College counselling services have been set up where expert counsellors provide counselling to help students overcome their professional and personal problems.
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